hello everyone, it’s sacchan/sarah!

I’ve decided to leave my blog(s) because I honestly cannot stand with how my blog(s) look like now… especially this one! they’re like a huge mess and I don’t know how to fix it… :| which is why I’m going to take a break from tumblr, until next year. the reason why I can’t “delete” my blog(s) completely is because I might wanna come back and see some things that I’ve reblogged or posted one day so I’ll just leave them here and never update them.

I’ve created a new blog on a new email called: luminies and I’ll start being active on there next year! see you guys and happy holidays~

  • Mari: Me and Sou-kun are...friends.
  • Sou: That's right!
  •  (Mari and Sou hug)
  • Fuma: Eh, what are you doing? What's this?!
  • Mari&Sou: Friends!
  • Fuma: So lovey-dovey! That's not like friends, that's like lovers!
  • Sou: We're friends.
  •  (Kento approaches)
  • Fuma: Eh? Eh?
  •  (Kento hugs Fuma)
  • Fuma: ...What are you doing?!